As a traveler, it is my priority to keep myself, health and skin in good condition. I go under the sun to capture the beauty of places, interact with nature and create unforgettable memories. On my latest travel in El Nido, I found some great finds to bring from Fresh Skinlab Philippines. Fresh Skinlab Philippines is a company of pure beauty inspired by natural ingredients, time-honored processes, and modern science with a new line inspired from Korean skin care, Jeju Aloe Ice and Tomato Glask Skin. Here is my honest experience with some of its products.

Tomato Glass Skin

This line is enriched with Ascorbic Acid and Anti-Oxidant ingredients such as Castor Oil, Tomato fruit extract, Maricaria flower extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract which makes the skin healthier and glowy. These are all dye-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, mineral-free, and benzophenone-free products.

Fresh Skinlab Philippines

Toner is easy absorbing and does not have a stinging effect nor leaves the skin irritated. It has pH score of 5.5 and balances the pH of the skin and cleans it deeply. It also tightens the pores which make the skin smoother, whiter, and appear firmer.

Fresh Skinlab Philippines

Water Drop Cream is also easy absorbing and does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin’s surface. It is made from concentrated lycopene which starts as a cream when applied then transforms into liquid toner that soaks deeply into the skin to help provide replenishment throughout the day. It also soothes, revitalizes and reduces the aging appearance and gives the skin a luminous glow.

Fresh Skinlab Philippines

Sleeping Pack gives a relaxing feeling for my skin at night. With tomato extract, it rejuvenates my skin for a more nourished and luminous glowing skin when I wake up in the morning.

Fresh Skinlab Philippines

However, these items are easily sold out that it is hard for me to replenish my supply. Although, it assures me that the products are really good as they have high demands in the market. Check these out at your nearest SM Stores and Watsons Branches, or any affiliates!

Fresh Skinlab Philippines is part of Healthy Innovation Distribution (HID), a family owned business comprised of health care professionals providing high quality and affordable products for both personal care and health care through their development and research.

Contact them through the following:

Pasig, Metro Manila
632-1019 / 794-0225